Closing a sale: 41 ways to ask for the business

1st Jun 2016

You’ve done a great fact find, you’ve presented your products and services and the prospect is on the hook. They seem to love what you’re offering!

The buying signals are there as they are asking for delivering and implementation timescales and they haven’t baulked at your pricing either.

All you now need to do is to get this deal over the line.

Now I’m not one for cheesy closing lines but you still MUST ASK for the business nonetheless.

So here are 41 different ways to progress the sale to the next stage – i.e an order!

Review each one and ask yourself “Is this me?”

You’ll be more comfortable asking certain questions over others. It’s all about your own personal style.

Here they are:

  1.  “How would you like to move ahead?”
  2. “When would you like to move ahead?”
  3. “Shall I book some time in to kick this off?”
  4. “Shall I make the arrangements to get this ordered?”
  5. “Is it better to get this started immediately, or wait for XYZ to happen?”
  6. “Is there anything at all from preventing us moving forward?”
  7. “I can schedule two days next week to make a start?”
  8. “Can we proceed?”
  9. “What would you like me to do next?”
  10. “What are the next steps?”
  11. “When are you looking to start?”
  12. “When would you like to meet again?”
  13. “Have I answered all of your key questions today?”
  14. “Shall we schedule a post proposal meeting in the diary?”
  15. “Can you see any reason why we shouldn’t move forward?”
  16. “From your point of view, what are the next steps?”
  17. “Realistically, when is the most practical time to start with this?”
  18. “From a timing perspective, what makes this a particularly attractive or unattractive time to address this?”
  19. “So does the whole proposal make sense to you?”
  20. “So does everything look correct from your end?”
  21. “So I can set up delivery for next Tuesday or would Thursday be better?”
  22. “We can meet so I can present our offer on Monday afternoon, or would you have more time later in the week?”
  23. “Does the offer make sense?”
  24. “Does that seem fair enough?”
  25. “You had mentioned earlier that if everything looked right to you, then our next step would be XYZ. So first, does everything look right to you?”
  26. “Great, so what’s the best day for XYZ? Is Friday good or would next week be more convenient?”
  27. “So have I answered all of your questions?”
  28. “So how do you normally handle things like this from here?”
  29. “Do you use purchase orders or do you usually just put things like this on a company card?”
  30. “So moving forward, will I work primarily with you as my main contact?”
  31. “So what do you say?”
  32. “So are you ready to start saving money today?”
  33. “So are you ready to begin earning more on your portfolio now?”
  34. “So, I know your employees are ready to start enjoying the new work area, are you?”
  35. “Are you ready to start today?”
  36. “So are you ready to let me go to work for you?”
  37. “So are you ready for us to start working for your organisation now?”
  38. “So how does that look to you?”
  39. “Are you prepared to move forward?”
  40. “Is your firm ready to go to the next level?”
  41. “So are you ready to partner with us on this?”

Happy closing!


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