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30th Sep 2008
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Here we go again: just in time for Dreamforce next month, is up for sale - again. This time the buyer is - and this is a good one! - Dell Computer!

Ooooookay. Now I can see the idea behind the Oracle buys notion and the Google version of the same (a perennial favourite), but Dell? Talk me through that one someone!

Dell is of course one of's biggest customers, so maybe it's like those old Remington shaver adverts where the CEO liked it so much he bought the company! Mickey Dell has taken such a shine to that he's decided that subscribing to it is no longer enough - he needs to own it. Adds a whole new dimension to on-premise!

Oh wait - here's the Dreamforce conference agenda. Oh look, Michael Dell is on the guest list! Oh well, that settles it. here we come!


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