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DON`T - worst online store ever

24th Aug 2007
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if you think buying glasses online is a good idea, think twice about using my drama began when i paid $206.95 for a pair of glasses with polarized lenses (the kind that turn into sunglasses) but was sent regular ones.

when i first complained, they refused to take responsibility at all. then they "generously" offered to only charge me for HALF the lens switch. when i finally convinced them that they should, in fact, give me the glasses i paid for, they allowed me to return them -- at my expense, of course. since i live in new zealand, this cost me over $60.

but my problems only began there. because my mother sent me the glasses from the usa (i didn't want to pay go-optic's $33 international shipping fee), the return got stuck in customs. despite repeated calls from the shipping company, dhl, go-optic did nothing to help, because they were afraid they would have to pay a tax on the order. i wound up making numerous overseas calls to both dhl and go-optic. during one call to go-optic, they told me i would have to pay the full $33 to have the glasses shipped to me once they fixed their error. i refused, as this charge is inflated and includes a handling fee, and i had already spent over $60 of my own money to correct their error. i said i would just return the glasses, but they said they would only refund the cost of the frames, even though the lenses are what they screwed up!!!!

of course, they didn't even have my glasses yet, dhl did. but dhl assured me once they received proof my mother sent me the glasses, all go-optic would need to do is prove they sent the glasses to my mother. i sent dhl the documentation from my mother, but when they contacted go-optic, they refused the package, and are now sending the glasses back to me AT MY EXPENSE!!!

Go-optic still refuses to refund the cost of the lenses, even if I send them a photograph of the glasses in the sun PROVING they do not get dark. They will only refund the money if I send the glasses back to them AGAIN. That is, if they accept the order.

throughout my many calls and emails to go-optic, they have maintained a "the customer is always wrong" attitude that is the hallmark of the "customer service" industry today. when i apologized to one operator for yelling at her for not transferring me to a supervisor, saying i knew she was just following policy, she told me customers yell at her "all the time" and that go-optic is "the reason she never shops online."

i say go ahead and shop online...but NOT AT GO-OPTIC!!!!!!!

lisa canfield

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