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Excerpt: The naked truth about branding

17th May 2005
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Brands Laid Bare, published by Wiley, explores how consumers relate to and absorb brands.

The book identifies a unique spectrum of twelve human needs as the factors that drive consumers to choose particular brands: structure, practicality, challenge, self-expression, excitement, curiosity, liberty, ideals, harmony, love, closeness and stability.

Demystifying stock marketing terms like brand equity and loyalty, the author, Kevin Ford, uses these twelve needs to focus on three key areas:

  • associations people form with a brand, knowingly or unknowingly;
  • overall judgements people make based on a number of key measures that summarise the level of desire for a brand (or 'brand equity') e.g. quality, clarity of what it stands for;
  • how to turn desire into sales, identifying what combination of needs a brand does and should appeal to.

Kevin also charts the ups and downs of brand success, looking at indicators for future performance; and evaluates the impact of our changing world on the brand landscape (from new technology to the increased informality in our dealings with one another).

In Brands Laid Bare, Kevin Ford doesn't aim to provide a universal formula for marketers as there are an infinite number of ways to succeed and fail.

Rather, he sets out a practical checklist for accurately assessing a brand's health and a template for comparison of brands across categories, to help marketers implement action plans for effective brand management.

Delivering an unprecedented level of understanding for market researchers and advertisers alike, Kevin lays the foundations for a deeper understanding of consumer-brand relationships, using market research for evidence-based brand management.

By Kevin Ford
ISBN: 0-470-01283-8
February 2005
£24.95 / €37.50

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