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Five LinkedIn InMail prospecting templates to steal

19th Jul 2017
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Five LinkedIn Inmail templates to ensure that your LinkedIn messages aren't treated as spam by the recipients and ignored. 

Recently, I had a bit of a rant! The rant was about the quality of spammy LinkedIn messages that I receive on a weekly basis. If you want to have a read of it then please click here.

At the end of that piece I also promised to include some LinkedIn Inmail templates in this months article to provide a solution to the problem – so here goes. Let’s remind ourselves of what the objective of a LinkedIn Inmail should be.

The objective is to create curiosity and interest. That’s it in a nutshell. It’s not to set up a meeting and it’s definitely not to make a sale. Instead, it’s to stop the reader in their tracks and get them to think: “Mmmmmmmm, I want to hear more”.

So what follows are five different Inmail templates that you can modify and use yourself.

I’ve based them on different circumstances too for variety:

  • 2 x cold prospecting Inmails.
  • In response to an article someone has posted.
  • In response to a comment someone has posted.
  • In response to their company being in the news.

All of the following have been used by me and scores of our clients so I know they work!

They are not to be used word for word but instead to give you ideas on the structure to use.


Scenario #1 - Sending a cold prospecting message straight off the bat.

Subject line: [enter your service/benefit] help?

Hi John,

Is [enter service/benefit you offer] or [enter service/benefit you offer] a priority/challenge/issue for your business at the moment? If so, we’ve helped the likes of [enter company 1], [enter company 2] and [enter company 3] with exactly the same priority/challenge/issue. Could we have a short email exchange first to see if we should take it any further? Please let me know, John?


James Ormond


Scenario #2 - Sending a cold prospecting message straight off the bat

Subject line: Are you currently happy with [enter situation/product/service]?

Hi John,

Are you currently happy with the way that you [enter situation/product/circumstance]?

We’re currently helping [enter a couple of company names in here) with [enter situation/product/circumstance] and I thought there might be a good fit for your company too.

Our {product name/service} has garnered a lot of attention in the marketplace and I think it’s something that your organisation might see immediate value in.

Could we schedule in a time to call to discuss this further?


James Ormond


Scenario #3 - Sending a message based on a company or contact posting an article

Subject line: Data help?

Hi Jennifer,

The article you shared on LinkedIn yesterday was spot on and we help companies like [enter industry know companies] with a similar approach. Do you have 5 mins to have a chat about it on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon this week?


James Ormond


Scenario #4 - Sending a message based on a company or contact posting a comment on an article

Subject line: Your comment was spot on

Hi Jennifer,

We’re both in the same LinkedIn Group [enter group here] and your recent comment about that your HR system needing major overhaul really struck a cord.

I’ve attached a recent research report and was surprised to learn that 70% of organisations like yours think the same about their HR system so you are not alone!

If you’re looking to change your system then it might be worth a chat. The likes of [enter company name, company name] were not happy with their system and we helped them.

Do you think it’s worth a quick 5 minute chat to find out if we can help you with this?

Thanks again,

James Ormond


Scenario #5 - Sending a message based on a company or contact in the news

Subject line: Question about your office move

Hi Jennifer,

I noticed in the [enter publication and date if applicable] that you are moving offices in the next 6 months.

We are specialists in your type of branding and know that you have got specific LED signage requirements based on your existing offices. We’ve worked with [enter company, enter company, enter company] and have produced high quality LED signs for them saving them a combined total of £650,000 over their existing supplier.

I’m not asking you to move from your existing supplier but it might be worth a quick 5 minute chat to learn how we achieve these savings?

Do you have 5 minutes to spare on Tuesday or Wednesday?

Thanks again

James Ormond


In Summary:

So there you have it. Five different types of LinkedIn messages that you can use.

Combined with my other blog post last month you’ve now got everything you need to send high quality LinkedIn messages that will get a return! And if that’s not enough there are loads more tips and templates on my MTD Sales Blog.


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