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Forrester ranks CRM vendors

6th Feb 2007
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Lies, damned lies and claims of leadership in market research surveys: no sooner had Forrester Research released its latest CRM-centric report than Oracle and SAP were squabbling over who came out on top.

According to Oracle, Forrester cited Oracle's Siebel CRM as having the strongest current offering among Enterprise CRM Suites and also named Oracle's Siebel CRM On Demand, Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM and the Oracle E-Business Suite as strong performers in this recent report.

"Siebel CRM provides a very strong and comprehensive architecture and platform supporting all typically necessary functions encompassing both cross-industry and deep vertical industry requirements, Siebel CRM provides the necessary best-of-breed CRM capabilities required to empower users in addressing customer needs."

To assess the state of the CRM market, Forrester analysed strengths and weaknesses of the leading enterprise CRM suites vendors across 493 criteria in three areas of current offering, strategy and market presence.

"We are pleased that our flagship CRM product, Siebel CRM, was named a leader," said Oracle Senior Vice President of CRM Products Ed Abbo. "Oracle is committed to CRM by demonstrating innovation and customer successes across all product families and industries helping organisations address their customer needs."

Meanwhile arch rival SAP reckons that out of 13 vendors catering to mid-to-large enterprises with multifunctional offerings, it was named a leader for offering the most complete solution for deep industry functionality, scalability and global business process support. Forrester noted that mySAP CRM performs particularly strong in sales, marketing, partner channel management and analytics.

"SAP has steadily built out comprehensive functionality in the mySAP CRM product," states Band. "Most recently, the company has focused on improving usability and deepening support for strategic business processes as part of the mySAP Business Suite."

"SAP has maintained a market leadership position by focusing on serving the needs of our customers through constant innovation and the delivery of solutions that are simple, flexible and comprehensive," said Bob Stutz, senior vice president, product and technology group, SAP AG.

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By AnonymousUser
09th Feb 2007 10:41

I'm surprised the analysts are still doing this. For years, CRM vendors have been ranked by the analysts, and for years, Siebel has apparently topped the pile, much disputed by Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP (now we need worry about only 2!). Yet we have at least a 60% failure rate in enterprise CRM deployments.
It must follow therefore that if Siebel has been most widely deployed, then Siebel has accounted for the most failures, unless of course it was the other "leader", SAP. You only have to seek customer references of any scale to find the truth behind the vendors' claims.
So, this must beg the question... Based on past performance, why would anyone pay any attention to these analysts' ratings, and more to the point, does anyone really care... apart from the main vendors?

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