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IVR dialed up in call centres

11th Jan 2007
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Interactice Voice Response (IVR) is on the rise in call centres, according to a recent Customer-Facing Technologies study conducted by ICMI.

The survey found that 66.7 percent of call centres have an IVR system in place. Of these respondents, three in four reported that the IVR system was touchtone only. Only 23.3 percent of centers using IVR have a system that features both touchtone and speech recognition capabilities. The remaining 1.6 percent use a speech-only IVR application.

Some 70.3 percent of those who have an IVR system in place regularly monitor customers’ interactions with the system to ensure that it is functioning properly and that it is user-friendly. Additionally 91 percent regularly test the IVR system internally to ensure that the entire system is functioning at optimum levels.

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By rickk
28th Mar 2011 16:07

Really interesting stats there re IVR and speech recognition. The pre answer customer journey plays a large part in the eventual success or otherwise of a call. Many companies we work with have a longer time to navigate the IVR than the agent handling time. The tone of voice with which the IVR (touch tone or speech) communicates to customers is so important and when its done in a way that understands the business, the customers and the action you want them to take, can add huge value to customers and organisations alike.

- Rick Kirkham [email protected]



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