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Nearly 90% of consumers rank service as important to retail experience

18th Jan 2013
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A staggering 88% of consumers see service as very or fairly important to the retail experience, placing pressure on stores to deliver accurate and connected, information-driven interactions.

That’s according to a new report from Oracle Retail, Evolution of Experience Retailing, which also found price, product and choice drive consumers to take advantage of the global marketplace. This is mainly led by Amazon, which is successfully harnessing the power of customer data to deliver insight that meets the complete experience requirements of customers, said Oracle.

Additionally, the study revealed that today’s information-driven consumers want an experience which successfully harnesses the power of customer data to deliver insight that meets the complete experience requirements of customers.

Oracle named this ‘good for me’ – an experience that is defined and dictated by the individual preferences.

The survey also compared experiences in-store and online and found that whilst there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, consumers believe retailers should focus on delivering commerce anywhere, anytime (56%), followed by the provision of easily navigable channels online (61%). In-store customers were found to want consumers want product showcases (62%) and a vibrant, engaging environment (56%).

Consumers also displayed little patience with poor service and experience, with over half of respondents (53%) indicating they would switch to a competitor or actively recommend against using a particular retailer (55%), and a growing number (37%) will share their dissatisfaction via social media networks, the figures showed.

The survey also revealed that service and experience trumped personalisation, meaning customer engagement is defined in the context of targeted offers and information, based on their preferences, delivered to mobile devices (39%) and having access to a single shopping basket across channels (36%).

Mike Webster, SVP and GM at Oracle Retail, said “Oracle recognises that the pace of change in the global marketplace is unprecedented. The view we have is that customers are now in charge, demanding the provision of commerce anywhere, the benefits of the competitive marketplace and the latest technologies to enhance their shopping experiences.

“This is the age of the individual that wants every retail interaction to be ‘good for me’, to be defined and dictated by ‘my’ preferences.” 

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