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New report: The practical guide to CRM deployment

3rd Dec 2015
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In his seminal book, ‘CRM at the Speed of Light’, Paul Greenberg refers to CRM as having ‘grown up’ during the late 1990s and early 2000s, when the internet began offering a wealth of opportunities to businesses that recognised its importance and were able to reimagine their identities in the face of the digital revolution.

However, defining, implementing and maintaining a successful CRM initiative remains a challenge for many. As recently as 2013, CRM’s perceived ‘failure’ rates were as high as 63%. 2014 research from Forrester has demonstrated that CRM deployments still regularly encounter major obstacles, ranging from strategic shortcomings, to a misrepresentation of business requirements and lack of a business-wide alignment of objectives.

Yet businesses are continuing to adopt CRM:  Gartner’s latest year-on-year figures for the CRM software sector highlight that the market is in the throes of robust expansion, with sales having grown 13.3% to hit $23.2 billion in 2014, an increase from $16 billion just three years previously. By 2017, this figure is predicted to hit $36.5 billion worldwide.

A well-run, focused project will result in CRM that will help you respond to some of the biggest business challenges in today’s marketplaces: rising customer expectations, increased competition, new platforms of communication such as social and mobile, and the growing number of channels your sales, service and marketing teams are expected to work with - Jeremy Ward, head of CRM consulting, Touchstone Group  

With so much at stake, it stands to reason that businesses want more bang for their buck. The question is, what strategic, cultural and technological  processes lead to other businesses becoming part of the 40-50% of CRM successes?

With this in mind, MyCustomer has teamed up with TouchstoneCRM to produce a comprehensive, end-to-end business guide to CRM.

Over several chapters you will learn everything about formulating your CRM initative, from its inception through to delivery, including:

• How to make a business case for CRM
• Strategies to ensure a smooth implementation and transition
• Continuous improvement and success metrics you need to know

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