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Optimism is all very well, but...

22nd Oct 2008
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In these trying times, it's nice to see that there are still those who reckon that optimism can triumph! A federal judge has told Oracle and SAP to pull themselves together and get on with finding a solution to settle the lawsuit over SAP's former subsidiary, TomorrowNow - hopefully without the need to go to full trial.

Oracle sued SAP last year, claiming that employees at TomorrowNow, a provider of third-party support services for Oracle's Siebel, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards product lines, illegally downloaded material from Oracle's support systems and used them to attract Oracle customers. Oracle has claimed that its damages in the case are "at a minimum, well into the several hundreds of millions of dollars and likely are at least a billion dollars."

Judge Joseph Spero has now ordered Oracle to submit a "specific dollar demand" by February 13 and for SAP to file a counter-proposal by February 18.

Good luck with that Joe is all I can say. The two have tried to come to a settlement already - and failed. SAP has charged that Oracle is trying to bog down proceedings in the case, and recently asked the court to throw out some of Oracle's claims. Relations between these two companies are at an all time low - they fight like a bag of cats at every opportunity. I won't be holding my breath for news of peace in our time any time soon...

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