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Oracle OpenWorld: Oracle is the new IPO market, says Phillips

13th Nov 2007
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"Anyone remotely thinking about selling their company is coming to us," Oracle co-president Charles Phillips announced at the OpenWorld event. "We've become the IPO market for the enterprise software industry."

Phillips was defending Oracle’s current acquisition push which has seen the firm snap up 41 companies – so far. There could, intimated Phillips, be more to come. "At this point in our history, acquisition makes a lot more sense," he said. "Companies are cheaper than in the internet bubble. We can bring in innovation outside of Oracle.”

Phillips went on to highlight the Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA), Oracle’s way of integrating its disparate applications as well as third-party and custom applications. He cited an AIA for SAP initiative to develop integration packs that link Oracle and SAP applications. Integration tools for SAP CRM, transportation management and product lifecycle management software are available now.

He also pointed to custom-integration packs for the communications market for linking Oracle eBusiness Suite and Siebel applications for order-to-bill, agent-assisted billing care and revenue counting workflows.

"We're building an open platform on our middleware stack and then providing a package to integrate between our products," suggested Phillips. "Instead of having proprietary integration, we wanted an open middleware stack," he said adding that Oracle would even help its customers integrate software with "third-party applications made in Germany, for instance, if that's needed."

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