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Oracle's pushing for $1 billion from SAP

2nd Jul 2008
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It looks like the war between SAP and Oracle over intellectual property is going all the way. While SAP has made noises about settling, Oracle is apparently ploughing ahead with a claim for damages in excess of $1 billion. Oracle is suing TomorrowNow, a US subsidiary of SAP, for corporate theft and alleges it illegally downloaded masses of Oracle customer service materials and passed those documents to SAP.

"Because defendants have not provided Oracle with critical information relevant to liability and resulting damages, Oracle does not yet know its damages with precision," Oracle said in a filing this week to the US District Court in San Francisco, California. "But, even so, it appears Oracle's damages are, at a minimum, well into the several hundreds of millions of dollars and likely are at least a billion dollars."

SAP fought back, arguing: "Oracle speculates wildly about the amount of its damages 'claim' in this discovery report, even though more than a year after this case was filed, Oracle still refuses to identify with any precision the nature or amount of its alleged harm or even to provide the theory on which its damage claim is based."

It's not been a good time for SAP on the lawsuit front. This week it agreed to pay i2 Technologies $83.3 million to settle a patent infringement lawsuit. The settlement, reached on 23rd June, resolves i2's patent litigation against SAP which was filed in September 2006.

This alleged that SAP had infringed seven patents covering software programs related to supply-chain planning, electronic negotiation, collaboration and available-to-promise product management. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, i2 said the companies have agreed to license each other certain patents and dismisses all existing legal proceedings with prejudice, meaning another suit cannot be brought on the same matter.

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