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9th Oct 2006
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21st generation of the world's most popular on-demand service to deliver rich Web 2.0 user experience, componentization for embedded mash-ups, and powerful new business workflow.

Major advances across the complete CRM suite of Salesforce SFA, Service & Support, PRM, Salesforce Marketing, Apex Analytics and AppExchange Mobile all to be delivered on the revolutionary new multi-tenant Apex platform.

SAN FRANCISCO — Dreamforce conference - October 9, 2006 — [NYSE: CRM], the market and technology leader in on-demand business services, today announced Salesforce Winter '07, the 21st generation of the world's most popular on-demand service and the industry's first service to fully leverage Web 2.0 technologies across an integrated suite of CRM applications. Powerful new capabilities for embedded mash-ups, the Business Web Desktop, and AJAX user interface componentization will deliver new levels of freedom and flexibility for users. Empowered by the Apex programming language and platform, businesses will be able to customize, modify and even rebuild any aspect of the Salesforce suite of CRM applications to meet their unique needs and complex processes. The announcement was made today during Dreamforce '06,'s User and Developer conference.

"Winter '07 will bring unlimited customization to Salesforce and the Business Web," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of "This new level of freedom and flexibility is only possible through the power of mash-ups, open APIs, Web services, and the Apex programming language and platform on which is built. With Winter '07, customers will have unparalleled flexibility for creating and customizing applications tailored to their specific business needs and processes. Customers of all sizes demand customization, choice, and freedom - and that is exactly what we will deliver with Winter '07."

"With a three-tiered technical support team dispersed in four contact centers across the U.S., Europe and Asia, we needed a single solution that would share information and foster collaboration both across departments and geographies," said Cliff Bell, CIO at Phoenix Technologies. "By consolidating our sales, marketing and support operations on Salesforce, we improved information sharing and shortened response time to our customers. We look forward to the new features and unlimited customization capabilities in Winter '07 to further drive our success with"

Winter '07 features major advances across the complete Salesforce CRM suite, including Salesforce SFA, Service & Support, PRM, Salesforce Marketing, Apex Analytics and AppExchange Mobile, all delivered on the revolutionary new multi-tenant Apex platform. Winter '07 will be available in Personal, Team, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited Editions, allowing customers to select the best product for their size of implementation and enterprise.

Winter '07 is currently scheduled to be available to all of's 24,800 customers and 501,000 subscribers worldwide in the fourth quarter and will drive forward a new era of unlimited freedom, collaboration and success for customers.'s on-demand model will deliver seamless migration of the entire customer base, including all existing customizations and integrations, to the Winter '07 release. Customers who purchase applications should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.

Winter 07 — On-Demand Leadership and Unlimited Customization for SFA and CRM

The Winter '07 release will mark the introduction of the Business Web Desktop, enabling customers to tailor their user interface, personal workflows, activities, and tasks in one place. Leveraging's Apex multi-tenant programming language, Winter '07 will deliver unprecedented customization across every level of the service from the user interface to the Apex development platform. Customers will be able to develop powerful new processes and applications, giving them a means to manage and share all of their information on-demand. Taking full advantage of Web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX for optimal usability and interactivity, the Business Web Desktop will ensure that users at companies of all sizes will continue to maintain high adoption of on-demand business services. New features in Winter '07 include:

  • Business Web Desktop — The Business Web Desktop will be a completely customizable desktop that will allow users to personalize the information displayed on the screen into multiple windows. Based on AJAX technology, each window in the desktop will be able to be refreshed on its own, automatically. Users will be able to access any of the information they need immediately, without any clicks, scrolling or searching. The new desktop will be able to be customized for leads, opportunities, activities, cases - essentially any custom object the user wants, the Business Web Desktop provides. With streamlined access to information, users will be more productive than ever in accessing the information they need.

  • Custom Workflow and Approvals — The Winter '07 release of Salesforce SFA will enable users to create custom workflow and approval rules to automatically trigger tasks for managers to approve virtually any action. For example, approvals for price discount and opportunity closings could easily be customized and moved through the approval chain.

  • Lotus Notes Edition — Responding to customer interest, Salesforce SFA will feature Lotus Notes integration so users can easily collaborate across platforms. Salesforce Notes Edition will feature bi-directional integration of email, contacts, tasks, and other activities.

  • New AJAX Calendar — Salesforce's new AJAX calendar will feature a completely new interface so sales teams can more easily schedule events, meetings and tasks.
  • Automated Reminders — For the first time, the Salesforce calendar will also include pop-up reminders that automatically alert professionals of upcoming activities — the number one customer request for Salesforce.

  • Leading Usability and Customization: Winter '07 will take advantage of Web 2.0 technologies to enable customers and users to create a Business Web experience tailored to their specific role and responsibility, including a composite user interface, collapsible sidebar, and the ability to customize every Salesforce page with standard or custom components that display everywhere users need them.

Salesforce Service & Support — Extends On-Demand Success with Call Center Edition

Winter '07 will deliver Salesforce Call Center Edition, which will provide seamless integration of telephony solutions with Salesforce Service & Support. Call Center Edition will support popular call center products from Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, Alcatel and Genesys, in addition to on-demand call center solutions like Pandora and Five 9. Salesforce Call Center Edition will deliver:

  • Fully Integrated Softphone — Improve agent and telephone sales efficiency with a screen pop-up that allows users click-to-dial throughout Salesforce.

  • Automatic Call Logging — Log call information easily with notes and automated data input, taking information from the softphone and entering it directly into Salesforce.

  • Screen Pop Any Record — Automatically open contacts, cases, leads and even custom objects to improve agent efficiency.
  • Configurable Softphone Layouts — Customize the softphone layouts and assign them to profiles for a tailored agent experience. Define what objects are available, what data to show and what functions to allow.

  • Easy Call Center Setup
  • — Easily define multiple call centers for your company, add users and manage access to telephony functions.

The Winter '07 release will enable the Salesforce Service & Support knowledge base to be managed across multiple languages. Salesforce Service & Support will enable users to easily maintain a global knowledgebase, create master solutions in any language and easily create translated versions. These improvements will allow companies to maintain translations through granular control, report on translated solutions, search in any language, and streamline many of the challenges associated with global deployments.

Salesforce PRM — Drive Accountability for Every Partner Lead

The Winter '07 release will extend the power of AppExchange to Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (PRM) customers and their partners. Salesforce PRM customers will be able to extend AppExchange applications to their partners and share components and objects within any portal and channel. This powerful new capability will enable companies to share any information and custom process with a partner such as orders, sales processes, or any custom business information. Other new PRM features will include:

  • Custom Price Books and Product Line Items — Collaborate with partners more effectively on opportunities by sharing price books and product line items.

  • Activity Sharing — Collaborate on activities with partners. Share activities, notes, attachments, and all events with partners through the portal.
  • Shared Metrics — Track and publish key partner success metrics to partners' homepages. Empower channel managers to provide partners with views and visibility by role and by process.

Salesforce PRM in Winter '07 will build on the success achieved during the product's launch in July. The product has seen strong momentum and help customers achieve quick ROI focused on the speed of implementation and improved lead and deal management. With the new features, Salesforce PRM will drive even more innovation and success for customers and their partners.

Salesforce Marketing — From Keyword to Close with Salesforce for Google Adwords

The newest addition to Salesforce Marketing is Salesforce for Google AdWords, which will deliver seamless integration with the leading advertising platform, allowing users to buy keywords and instantly create ads directly within Salesforce that are compliant with Google's editorial policies. Salesforce for Google AdWords will enable companies to correlate ad clicks with sales metrics such as leads, opportunities, deals, and revenue allowing users to leverage all of the power of the world's leading on-demand CRM. To be made available via the AppExchange and as part of Winter '07 for Enterprise and Unlimited Edition customers, Salesforce for Google AdWords will be able to:

  • Simplify the process of search marketing
  • Track and correlate clicks to leads, sales opportunities, and deals
  • Measure exactly which ads and keywords are generating leads and results
  • Increase the ROI of their online advertising programs
  • Easily manage the entire process directly within Salesforce

Apex Analytics — Mash-up Partner Components in Salesforce Dashboards

Apex Analytics will now enable users to integrate third party and custom components directly into Salesforce to deliver greater visibility and more interactive dashboards. This will extend CRM analysis by providing companies a choice in using Apex Analytics components in their Salesforce Dashboards. Apex analytic components will enable data visualization and rich analysis of Salesforce as well as non-Salesforce data. Dashboards will also enable click-through to other dashboards, allowing users to move easily from one dashboard to another in a logical fashion. All of these added features will combine to provide a business specific widget environment for users, with specific analytical information streaming to their Salesforce Dashboard.

AppExchange Mobile — More than 90 Mobile-Ready Applications on AppExchange

Winter '07 will enable Salesforce to support Windows Mobile 5. Customers who already use the Windows Mobile 5 operating systems on their devices will be able to use AppExchange Mobile to access Salesforce CRM applications and AppExchange applications. Users will also be able to take advantage of any of the more than 90 mobile-ready applications on the AppExchange to customize their mobile experience.

Just as Winter '07 will make a new calendar available for SFA, Winter '07 will also deliver a new calendar for AppExchange Mobile. This new calendar will deliver greater productivity for mobile professionals who need easy access to scheduling events with their sales team.

IdeaExchange — Openness and Transparency in On-Demand Development

Encouraging open collaboration and communication with customers about their user experience, IdeaExchange is now live in conjunction with the Winter '07 release. IdeaExchange is a forum where users can comment on new features, promote favorite enhancements, and interact with product managers who participate in the discussion forums. In's ongoing efforts to continually create a dialog with the community, IdeaExchange will provide an open and direct channel of communication for customers. These discussions are already taking place at

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