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The Customer Partnership Launches a Data Independent Prospect Pool Service

2nd Dec 2004
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Former Claritas and Abacus chief Mark Patron is joining forces with the leading marketing services company The Customer Partnership to launch a new service building and operating state of the art prospect pools.

The new service uniquely combines the expertise of The Customer Partnership at predictive modelling and optimisation software with Mark Patron’s extensive data knowledge.

Julian Berry, a founding director of The Customer Partnership, explains that “What has driven this alliance is the proven benefits to clients of using multi-sourced data to improve and optimise prospect pool performance. By understanding and testing how different combinations of multi-sourced data work we have already seen 15% to 30% reductions in cost, combined with major performance improvements for a number of catalogue retailers.”

Mark Patron explains that “Virtually all the credit card and telecoms companies rely on prospect pools, generating over 25% of all consumer direct mail. Mail order companies are also switching to prospect pools. I would not be surprised if we soon saw prospect pools producing half of all prospect direct mail. To generate required returns on investment, clients are demanding top quality integrated expertise across the range of key disciplines required to establish and operate a prospect pool.”

He continues “I am delighted to join forces with The Customer Partnership to provide this integrated solution to clients because it is an independent marketing services company and is therefore not tied to one data or IT solution. The ‘prospect lab’ it uses for empirically testing the potential contribution to value and response models of alternative data sources, delivers the optimum solution for acquisition marketers.”

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