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Consumers are device-agnostic – and expect brands to be too

7th Aug 2014
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Brands which are lagging behind in the omnichannel stakes can expect no understanding whatsoever from their consumers, it seems.

A new survey from SDL, entitled 'Five Truths for Future Marketers', has revealed that people don’t give a second thought to their location or device of choice when trying to engage with a business; 58% of the 1,800 Millennials involved in the study expect to be able to interact with a company whenever they like – regardless of location or device.

These findings demonstrate Millennials’ ‘always on’ attitude perfectly, showing how 18-36 year-olds – who it was revealed pick up their smartphone an average of 43 times a day – demand immediate contact with brands at their own convenience.

Not only do they expect to be able to interact on demand, but 60% of respondents said they expect these interactions to be consistent across all touchpoints, including online, in-store and via their mobile. Despite flitting constantly between channels, consumers still assume that their journey will be a coherent and fluid one, with brands following them between devices and platforms.

It seems that the consumer is unaware of – or simply unsympathetic to – the challenge that this represents to brands. But with the research also revealing that almost a third (30%) of respondents will reach for more than four different devices in any 24-hour period, it’s definitely no mean feat for brands to keep up.

Paige O’Neill, chief marketing officer at SDL commented on the findings: “Consumers have drastically changed the way they engage and interact with companies, altering expectations and making it imperative for brands to quickly adapt. To keep pace, marketers should focus on the experiences customers want throughout the customer journey, and adjust company strategies to coincide. If you change the way you engage customers on one channel, it may only be one step in an overall strategy. It is vital for organisations to ensure channels are so connected that they become irrelevant, placing the focus on delivering true omnichannel engagement.”

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