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Consumers want omnichannel service - why can't retailers deliver it?

15th Oct 2015
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In an interview with MyCustomer last month, Danny Bagge, executive head of retail at IBM UK and Ireland, explained why retailers are feeling pressure to move to an omnichannel model, and why millennial customers are playing an important role. 

In this follow-up interview, Danny talks to MyCustomer about the obstacles preventing retailers from delivering omnichannel service - and what they can do to deliver a joined-up seamless experience in the meantime.


00.10 - What's stopping retailers from delivering a truly omnichannel experience?
02.34 - How can retailers still deliver a joined-up experience for today's consumer?
04.04 - Are any brands delivering a seamless customer experience?
06.07 - What's needed to kickstart true omnichannel for the retail industry?


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