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DMA says mail is still an effective marketing channel

26th Mar 2015
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The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) may be part of the Government taskforce stamping out nuisance calls and unsolicited mailshots, but that doesn’t mean it thinks direct mail should be eradicated from the marketing skillset completely.

In a new report conducted alongside Ricoh, the DMA stated that many modern marketers are put off considering mail as a marketing channel, due to technological advancements and the stigma attached to being perceived as ‘junk’.

In a survey involving 100 multichannel marketers, 43% thought that mail, as a channel, was too expensive, while another 14% worried about the negative perception it fostered. In the case of those that described themselves as ‘digital first’, many confessed to an unfamiliarity with the medium.

However, the report’s author, David Reed believes the importance of direct mail should not be discounted, and that many marketers were failing to grasp the level of innovation available to those looking to incorporate mailshots into their integrated campaigns:

“The future for advertising mail within integrated marketing lies in the wider adoption of these techniques - 72% of marketers expect more innovation to integrate this channel with digital media and 58% are looking to innovations like embedded video [i.e. delivered through QR code] to enhance the impact of mailings,” he said.

DMA executive director Chris Combemale added, “When you put the consumer first, mail emerges as a highly engaging and successful medium. Of course marketers want it to work harder and be part of their digital offerings, but mail can already achieve this. Many of the innovations coming to mail make it more targeted, more valued, and more meaningful.”

DMA’s findings converse with the Royal Mail’s recent Private Life of Mail research initiative, which looked at the benefits of using mail as an advertising format. It found that:

  • Mail has a more powerful effect on long-term memory encoding than any other media. 32% higher than email and 72% higher than TV.
  • 80% say they can remember advertising mail sent to them in the last 4 weeks.
  • 60% of people say the best mail keeps brands top of mind.
  • Campaigns that included mail were 27% more likely to deliver top-ranking sales performance than campaigns that didn’t. 

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