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Email marketing boosted by rise in cross-channel campaigns

30th Jan 2012
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The rise of cross-channel marketing helped to fuel growth in email, propelling the UK market for email marketing platforms and services to a value of £388 million in 2011.

The UK market for email marketing grew by an estimated 15.5% last hear, according to research from Econsultancy published this week. 
The figure includes revenue earned by email service providers (ESPs), money spent on agency services, and the cost of internal staff resources relating specifically to email.  
According to Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Platforms Buyer’s Guide 2012, the rise of cross-channel marketing is helping to fuel growth in email, as the channel is seen as an essential element of a wider campaign.
But Econsultancy says there are no signs that the increased use of social media is sounding the death knell for email, as the two channels continue to reinforce each other. 
Email continues to grow because it is cost-effective, inherently measurable and delivers high return-on–investment, the digital marketing analyst says. With efforts to reduce spam, sending marketing emails is seen as less intrusive than other channels, given that consumers are used to communicating with companies via email. 
Econsultancy’s Research Manager Aliya Zaidi said: “The demand for increased relevance will be the key battleground for email, due to the rise of the priority inbox and grey-mail filters. 
“The growth of social media and greater volume of emails means companies can simply no longer afford to ignore email tactics that will increase the effectiveness of their campaigns, including personalisation, targeting, and segmentation.”
The research also highlighted the importance of adapting email for different devices, given that consumers increasingly check their emails while on the move, using mobile and tablet devices. 
“The rise of new devices present both opportunities and challenges for email marketers. On one hand, email is now everywhere; marketers have the ability to reach customers anywhere, at any time, and be highly relevant and targeted,” Zaidi added. “However, companies need to adapt their messages to optimise the mobile and touch-screen experience, which only a minority of marketers are currently doing.”

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