Five tips to better engage customers on social channels

12th Jun 2012

With the proliferation of social channels, brands face difficulties understanding which platforms are relevant to their customers and how to approach them, according to social CRM provider QuestBack.

“With so many new ways for customers to share their experiences, the Voice of the Customer is gaining momentum at the expense of the enterprise and will soon be more powerful than any single brand's voice,” said the firm.

As a result, QuestBack has provided five tips to help brands better engage with customers on social channels:

Go where your customers go: Identify and use social media platforms that are relevant to your customers.

Strike the right balance: Provide content that is relevant to your target audience on a consistent basis.

Maintain regular engagement: The number of fans or followers a brand possesses is no longer the social media benchmark for success. Engage with your communities and demonstrate genuine interest in their feedback.

Find your brand evangelists: Enthusiastic and influential customers are among the most valuable and can become highly credible in not only promoting your brand, but understanding of how it is perceived by the public. Nourishing this community through engagement can lead to stronger customer relationships and lead to successful launches in the marketplace.

Around the world in 80 tweets: If you are targeting a global audience leverage your employee knowledge to provide localised content that will resonate with local audiences. 

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By sophiaye
13th Jun 2012 09:02

can not understand the last one.

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By Natalie Steers
13th Jun 2012 10:16

Hi Sophia,

The final tip, 'Around the world in 80 tweets', advises organisations to use their staff's knowledge of local nuances and language to provide relevant content to specific communities. 

Hope this helps! 


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