How to create a perfect video FAQ page

18th Jun 2015

Video is one of the fastest-growing content types today. Web pages with videos get more views, social posts with videos get more likes, and video content gets more shares across all channels. One of the best ways to take advantage of this trend - while also providing valuable content for your customers - is to create a video FAQ page.

The process of creating video FAQs can be divided into two main parts:

  1. creating the videos, and
  2. creating the FAQ page.

Below are some strategies for each of these parts and how to put them together.

How to create online videos for your business

There are many, many ways to create an online video for your business. You can take a DIY approach using a screencast application or the camera on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or you can go all out and hire a video production crew and professional actors. For video FAQ, the DIY approach is probably sufficient, especially if your product is online and your videos will consist primarily of tutorials.

Here is a three-step approach to creating high-quality tutorials and Q&As for your business:

  1. Plan. Don’t just wing it. The more planning you put in at the beginning, the less revision you will have to do later.
    1. Identify each question you want to answer and write a script for exactly how you will answer it.
    2. Edit your script so that it is as concise as possible. You will create a separate video for each FAQ, and each of those videos needs to be short and snappy. Try to keep them between one and three minutes, with three and a half minutes being the absolute max.
    3. Have someone review your script. Your reviewers should make sure your answer is appropriate and also that it makes sense.
  2. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Once you have your script finalised, rehearse what you will say and how you will say it. If you are creating a tutorial using a screencast, practice working through the steps while saying your script aloud. Rehearse until you are comfortable with the script (and have memorised it as much as possible). You should be able to say your answer without too many pauses or too much stumbling - this might mean you rehearse it five times, or 20.
  3. Record your videos. Remember that each answer should be its own video, and it is probably best to record them individually rather in one fell swoop. This will give you a breather in between and also make it easier for you to revise them later as necessary. If you have a high-quality computer or mobile device, you can probably get the quality you need using a pre-installed video capture software. For tutorials, here is a list of the best screencasting programs from Digital Trends.

How to create a video FAQ page

Congratulations! You’ve finished the hard part. After you’ve made your videos, putting together the rest of the FAQ page is easy.

You could just upload your videos onto your current FAQ page, but that will not provide all of the usability and convenience your customers need. Instead, create a new FAQ page using FAQ software. This software connects to your knowledge base, so that you can integrate your video FAQ with your other resources, such as user manuals. It also allows you to categorise and tag your videos for easy searching - this guarantees that the people who visit your website looking for answers will be able to find the information they need. You can even optimise your FAQ for SEO so that your videos will drive even more traffic to your website.

Some quick tips on creating an FAQ:

  • Make it detailed yet crisp - Your FAQ must answer user’s questions quickly and with clarity. So make sure that you have offered step-by-step solutions rather than long explanations.
  • Make it visual - Add screenshots, infographics, gif images, videos, etc so that the content is easy for users understand and consume.
  • Keep the FAQ updated - Ensure that your FAQ contains the most up-to-date information, so that udders are not mislead or confused.
  • Crosslink relevant articles - Cross linking is the best way to guide users and provide them relevant information. So cross-link whenever possible and necessary. 

Video FAQ can be an excellent tool for your company. Videos are engaging (much more so than plain text), they are highly shareable, and, above all, your customers like them. Provide your customers with the content and the support they want by creating your video FAQ page today.

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