Infographic: What are customers' chief chatbot complaints?

8th Feb 2018

Chatbot adoption continues to rise, but new research reveals that as they become a more familiar interaction point for consumers there are a number of common complaints that are surfacing. 

Research conducted by in conjunction with eGain, interiewed 3,000 consumers across the UK and US who had used a chatbot for customer service in the prior 12 months, asking them to rate them for customer service, and to state what in particular about chatbots annoyed them.

The biggest irritation? The inability to triage from the virtual assistant to a digital assistant. Read more below. 

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By Sahib1989
15th Feb 2018 05:36

A pretty in-depth infographic. It is clear that one of the biggest challenges in using chatbots for customer service is that information would have to be redundantly repeated constantly when transferred to human beings. Whether human or chatbots, when customers have to repeat the same issue, again and again, it will have a negative impact on customer experience.

Sahib Ahluwalia
BPO Services India

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