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Journey mapping: Getting to know your omnichannel customer

3rd Jun 2014
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For those marketers who have been through the exercise, customer journey mapping may seem like a thankless task. However, as Jeannie Walters, CEO & chief customer experience investigator at 360Connext explains, the importance of going through the process delivers far more insight than the actual end-results; and has become even more critical in a world where people expect their experiences to integrate across channels. MyCustomer caught up with Jeannie at the recent Customer Experience World London event, to hear her advice. 


00.06 - What advice would you give to businesses looking to create customer journey maps for today’s omnichannel environments?

01.10 - How important is creating journey maps in order to enhance the customer experience? 

02.14 - Why is it important to adjust journey maps to account for your ‘worst case’ customers as well as your ‘best’? What does this involve?

03.20 - How does a business get to grips with understanding the experiences their customers expect from them?

04.19 - How integral is communicating with customers in terms of gaining an understanding of the experience they expect?

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