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Marketers embracing cross-channel campaigns but struggling with integration

6th Jun 2011
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Although the vast majority of UK marketers are embracing the concept of cross-channel marketing campaigns, a mere 4% are producing truly integrated ones today.

According to a survey undertaken by marketing software provider Responsys, a huge 96% of marketers are either undertaking cross-channel campaigns now or intend to over the next 12 months. Respondents defined such channels as email, mobile, social and the web and three quarters believed that their job description currently included responsibility for all four areas.

But half of those questioned also admitted that they did not integrate their cross-channel campaigns at all, while 46% said that they were in the process of doing so but had not got there yet.

Simon Robinson, the firm’s director of marketing and alliances, said: "With so many new social and mobile platforms emerging, it comes as little surprise that marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to produce integrated campaigns and are less inclined to take responsibility for channels they don’t fully understand."

Nonetheless, he warned that, as smartphones and social media started to play an increasingly crucial role in the way that consumers researched and purchased products and services, it was becoming progressively important for marketers to bite the bullet and ensure they were able to target their audiences in a timely and effective manner, he added.


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By Richard_Higginbotham
17th Jun 2011 10:46

Richard Higginbotham, head of marketing, Transactis, says, “This article clearly demonstrates that in order to effectively reach individual customers directly today, companies must use a mix of media. It is vital to employ a multi-channel communication approach – which can include email, SMS and other digital activity in addition to post, telemarketing and other ‘traditional’ mechanisms – using personalised and highly targeted messages. No single-minded digital approach will engage today’s multi-media consumers in isolation without the support of other channels.

 “But as this article also shows, too many firms still think in silos. To successfully tailor multiple communications across multiple channels, firms need to pull together all the data available from various sources throughout the company – including transactional data, call centre records, email interactions, web forms, and other sources of information on consumer preference and behaviour – to create a single customer view. This equips brands with the insight needed to effectively utilise a multi-channel approach, ultimately allowing them to lead the customer to engage with the brand through a series of complementary and coordinated communications.”

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