Neolane launches mobile app channel to drive ROI and engagement

26th Jun 2012

Marketing technology provider Neolane has launched a personalised mobile app channel intended to drive revenue opportunities and higher levels of cross channel engagement.  

According to the firm, the channel is the marketing industry’s “first personalised mobile app capability”, facilitating one-to-one personalised messages and offering in-mobile push notifications and in-app content.

Main features also included allow marketers to:

  • Integrate with geolocation capabilities built into an app to send contextual and geo-personalised offers
  • Leverage profile data from the marketing database to deliver consistent messages via an app and other channels
  • Analyse customers’ journey from the push notification through the app to enrich the marketing database
  • Measure response rates of app users and improve app performance

The app supports the company's focus on evolving mobile marketing beyond siloed, generic SMS messaging to extend customer engagement across inbound and outbound communications channels.

Stephane Dehoche, president and CEO at Neolane, said: “To date, marketers utilising mobile have been stuck in a limited monologue with customers and prospects. The Neolane Mobile App Channel signals a dramatic shift that enables marketers to sustain real-time, interactive, personalised dialogues in tightly coordinated, cross-channel fashion.

“This new solution is the next step in improving the effectiveness of the channel and demonstrating what’s possible when organisations start closing the gap between the mobile audience and marketing investments.”


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