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New MyC report: What is the future of CX in the financial services industry - and how can FS businesses prepare?


MyCustomer and Genesys have published a new report examining the dramatic changes that have reshaped customer experiences in the financial services industry, and what FS businesses can expect in the future.

28th Apr 2021

The global pandemic has been a wakeup call for the Financial Services Industry (FSI), changing it at a rate never seen before. But in its race towards digital transformation, gaps are appearing between its digital service offering and customer expectations.

As cash and cheque usage drops, high volumes of electronic, card and mobile app transactions have risen, while open banking is gaining momentum globally, either through regulatory mandates or commercial market forces.

Consumers expect availability on all manner of remote device and channel, 24/7, with the same level of banking security and resilience they have always had.

Less than 50% of consumers perceive their bank as a trusted partner today compared to three years ago, according to Finextra research. For an industry ravaged by scandals, FSI continually needs to repair its brand.

To shed light on the industry’s recent and rapid evolution, MyCustomer and Genesys have published a new report - The Future of Customer Experience in Financial Services. Not only does the report detail the developments of the past 12 months, but it also explores what further changes are in store for the industry - and shares advice for those FSI businesses looking to prepare themselves. 

This report examines:

  • How financial services providers have embraced CX during the last 12 month

  • The new commodity of data
  • The disruptive forces that continue to impact the industry

  • The remote transformation and what this means for the future of the sector

Download this report now to gain these valuable insights and learn how your organisation can best position itself for a customer-centric and successful future.

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