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On-demand webinar: How to fast-track your service transformation plans


Watch the latest MyCustomer webinar now to learn how service transformation projects can ensure they are in sync with changing customer requirements.

16th Sep 2020
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Customer service organisations find themselves at a crossroads. While the pandemic has driven the rapid development of digital transformation projects, many businesses have found that they are still playing catch up as the pandemic has also accelerated shifts in customer behaviour and service channel preferences. This can only drive further adjustment and innovation.

So how can organisations close the gap between their service transformation and changing customer expectations?

MyCustomer is now streaming its latest webinar explaining how service transformation projects can ensure they are in sync with customer requirements, accommodating the new journeys that customers are taking, and the new channels they are using, while also delivering great CX, regardless of journey or channel preference. 

Hosted by MyCustomer's Neil Davey, and featuring an expert panel comprising CX consultant Amy Scott, Salesforce's Maria Armishaw and Scott Chesworth from Ram Tracking, the webinar explores: 

  • How customer service channels have undergone a digital revolution and why your brand can’t afford to be left behind.
  • Why understanding the new journeys your customers take with your brand lies at the heart of delivering a successful transformation project.
  • How to ensure your customers receive great CX, regardless of the service channel they prefer.

Stream the webinar now. 

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