Survey finds a single customer view is supporting growing consumer expectations

9th May 2012

As multi-channel consumers are growing used to a tailored customer experience from online and social media channels, implementing a single customer view (SCV) can help meet growing expectations.

Experian Marketing Services surveyed over 2,000 consumers and found 84% of respondents said they would no longer buy from an organisation that did not take into account their channel preference, purchasing history and other customer information.

Overall, 48% of respondents identified the three cardinal sins of marketing as enough for them to take their business elsewhere. Marketers trying to sell them something they said they didn’t want ranked highest at 52%, followed by contacting them in a way that they had flagged as unwanted (45%), and offering them products they had already refused (36%).

Alternatively, more than half of respondents claimed they would recommend and endorse a company that successfully integrated customer data into marketing campaigns. Over half of respondents said they would actively recommend the company to others whilst 26% would go out of their way to leave a positive review online, 22% would sign up for promotional emails and 32% would sign up for an organisation’s loyalty scheme, according to the figures.

Nigel Wilson from Experian Marketing Services, said: “Personalised marketing campaigns driven by the insight gained from a complete picture of customers through a single customer view (SCV) across all channels from website to social media to call centre can bring hugely positive results for businesses, yet there is growing intolerance of brands that fail to get the basics right and some clear evidence that marketers are struggling to effectively link their data.”

 “If you don’t have a clear view of who your customers are, then it stands to reason that you won’t be able to connect with them in way in the way they want. The marketers that bring together everything that they know about a customer and use intelligent analytics to ensure that the products and services they are suggesting to them are right for their needs will be the sure winners.

According to Experian, the flood of customer data from digital and traditional channels highlights the need for a SCV. In a separate Experian Hitwise survey, only 16% of large British firms said they have an effective SCV programme in place.

Wilson said: “Despite the clear advantages of having an effective SCV in place organisations, both public and private, are struggling with cross channel data linkage to really achieve this complete view. Although 72% of organisations surveyed are trying to implement an SCV, many are challenged by the sheer volumes of data involved and the ever growing number of channels.

“And the combination of higher customer expectations, the fact that it is easier than ever for consumers to shop around and the huge impact on customer loyalty, means getting a good SCV in place now has to be top of the marketer’s agenda.”

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