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The week in customer service tweets: 12/02/2016

12th Feb 2016
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As it's a Friday, we'll be taking an irreverent look at the fickle world of social customer service on Twitter, highlighting some of the eclectic complaints people made about brands this week, and how those brands set about dealing with them. Starting with...

...Twitter, of course. And namely the backlash that occurred as rumours surfaced this week that the social network was set to swap its famous chronological timeline for an algorithmic alternative, in an attempt to appease potential advertisers put off by having to try and battle the noise to get heard:

Even 82 year-old war veterans were hacked off:

Such was the response that Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey had to do a little bit of social customer service himself, quickly reaching out to quash the rumours:

Users were pleased. Despite the fact that the social network's going to make the change anyway.

Elsewhere in the Twittersphere, a quick hop down-under found a member of Telstra's customer service team in hot water, over a light-hearted tweet in response to people complaining that the telco's network was down:

The message was deleted pretty quickly, but not before it was retweeted repeatedly. And such was the scale of the outage that Telstra later held a press conference to apologise; egg firmly on face.

And speaking of networks with egg on face, a hop across the pond takes us to the much-maligned cable and internet provider, Comcast, which has a dedicated Twitter team responding to hundreds of Tweeted complaints every hour, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Has this been enough to appease the masses? Apparently not. One user has become so incensed by the performance of Comcast's wifi network that they've taken to live tweeting every time their internet speed drops below that lower than advertised:

The updates are regular and always met with further backlash from the Twitter community. Luckily, Comcast's customer service team is happy to fight every fire, regardless of how trivial they become:

Maybe they should've simply taken a leaf from the Doritos book, by honing in on rewarding promoters, as well as combatting detractors:

Have you seen some great examples of social customer service on Twitter this week? Feel free to share your favourites by posting the links in the comments section below!

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