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The week in customer service tweets: 8/1/2016

7th Jan 2016
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Every Friday, we'll be taking an irreverent look at the fickle world of social customer service on Twitter, highlighting some of the eclectic complaints people made about brands during the week, and how those brands set about dealing with them. Starting with...

Fan-favourite, Tesco, who were inadvertedly caught out by a man with a mouldy pizza base that looked like the dark side of the moon... which Tesco's customer service rep, Linda, perhaps somewhat naively asked:

Tesco pizza-gate

Unfortunately, this simple, innocent response led to a Tweet of expletive surprise from @lukemitch111 and further, unnecessary backlash from the wider Twittersphere...

Until Tesco's social media team wisely took the decision of deleting Linda's response and moving on from the matter.

Elsewhere...HSBC's social customer service team were dealing with an unprecedented event on Monday morning, as their UK web and mobile banking app systematically failed on customers. Which led to some angry tweets:   

HSBC's team tried desperately to fight each individual fire as it was raised:

But in the end, the inferno became too large, and the bank reverted back to a generic message and radio silence whilst the system issue was resolved:

Finally, on a more satisfactory note, Virgin Atlantic quickly and effeciently justifying the reason for one of their planes failing to land at its intended destination:

Have you seen some great examples of social customer service on Twitter this week? Feel free to share your favourites by posting the links in the comments section below!

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