Zurmo announces beta launch of open source gamification CRM project

6th Jun 2012

Zurmo, a new Open Source CRM software provider, has announced the beta launch of its gamification-based CRM application.

The software – which is written in PHP and utilises jQuery, the Yii Framework, and RedBeanPHP – aims to encourage user adoption and make a lacklustre category of software more appealing to users by placing gamification at its core, said the firm.

According to Zurmo co-founder Ray Stoeckicht, the aim of the project is to “make CRM fun”, done through a number of gamification elements including points and badges which are awarded to users for actions performed in the system, such as producing a certain number of leads or system use.

Once awarded points, users progress to next levels based on specific categories such as ‘New Business’, ‘Sales’ or ‘Account Management’. According to a blog post by Zurmo's Ross Peetoom, the aim of the ‘categories’ feature was “driven by [an] ambition to do something different with CRM gamification. We wanted to provide a game mechanic which was meaningful and not just another points and badges add-on”.

Users also have the ability to challenge one another with specific tasks, rewarded with ‘Bonus Points’. A ‘Leaderboard’ aims to encourage ‘friendly competition’ within an organisation and displays top performers.

Stoeckicht added: “Our team of Software Engineers has a great deal of respect for the highly disciplined Test Driven Development methodology we’ve applied to every line of code. But at the same time, we’re focusing on building elements that will encourage, rather than force usage. The lack of intrinsic motivation to use CRM systems is a major failure in our industry that we intend to fix.”

The beta release also includes a new user interface which “reduces clicks and is also beautiful to look at,” said Zurmo co-founder and lead architect Jason Green.

A release candidate of the project is expected by July with a “general audience” release set to follow in September. 


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