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Contact centre economics and the cloud


In a new report, insights about the financial factors influencing the choice between cloud and on-premise contact centres are shared and explored. 

25th Feb 2020

A few years ago, many businesses were still unsure of the viability of moving their contact centres and other critical enterprise systems to the cloud. With the decrease of cloud costs since then, and the corresponding increase in security, flexibility and regulatory compliance of hosting platforms, the viability and total cost of ownership (TCO) of cloud deployments are attracting more businesses, regardless of size, geography, or technology footprint.

Many companies still choose to go on-premises, however, because of their perception of issues around control, legacy integration, or business culture. Nevertheless, reports from the latest Ovum research indicate that the more applications and functions your company includes with your core routing, the more long-term (from three to five years) cost benefits you’ll derive from hosted systems in the cloud than you would from maintaining your systems on-premises.

In the following report, Genesys explores the economics of moving your contact centre to the cloud, covering: 

  • How company size affects the choice between cloud and on-premise.
  • How geographic location affects the choice between cloud and on-premise.
  • What business factors affect the choice between cloud and on-premise.
  • What hidden costs exist. 

Download the report now to learn more about the financial imperative of cloud contact centres. 

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