Infographic: How contact centres are failing customers

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New research has revealed that many UK businesses lack the contact centre capabilities to meet customer expectations.

The study, conducted by NewVoiceMedia, exposes significant and surprising gaps between customer preferences and reality, and suggests that businesses across many different sectors are missing out on opportunities to enhance their customer contact centres with technology that could improve the customer experience, help retain existing customers and acquire new business.

Check out this infographic below discover how businesses are failing their customers.

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20th Sep 2017 13:52

For most of us that have worked in a contact center, this is not really new news. I can relate to the frustrations of being an agent that really wanted to serve customers to the best of his ability but could not due to outdated technology, even though I was working at a contact center for one of the biggest cable brands in the U.S.

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25th Sep 2017 04:51

Whereas I don't disagree with the precepts of the article / infographic one of the main causes of custome dissatisfaction isn't the technology, quite frankly customers couldn't care less. The article mentions that not enough companies focus on Social monitoring and there lies the problem, it's how human resources are developed and utilised that's important, yes technology is part of the solution but it isn't the whole solution, what we all want is for the business to be able to answer my inquiry on the first call.

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