Infographic: Top 15 mistakes made by customer service professionals

21st Mar 2017

Live agent assistance tends to be required at pivotal moments in the customer journey. Therefore, it is critical that customer service professionals are able to assist customers quickly and effectively. 

However, there are a host of reasons why service staff can come unglued, with the customer experience suffering as a result. 

This infographic from Provide Support examines 15 of the most common reasons that customer service professionals fail to deliver the service standards expected. 

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Service professionals mistakes

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By PaulineAshenden
27th Mar 2017 08:59

What is interesting is how important knowledge is to the customer experience, with 84% of consumers frustrated at agents that don’t have the information they need to answer their query. No wonder that Forrester has called successful knowledge management “the jewel in the customer service crown”. There’s more on how to focus on knowledge management in this Eptica blog

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By markwilliams
07th Apr 2017 13:24

When a customer contacts a customer service agent for help, complain or seeking help in a product or service-related breakdown, there is almost nothing that matters more to the ultimate success of the company than the language the representatives use. I have written an article which is related to your post at

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By Avni Rajput
11th Apr 2017 12:36

Excellent insights, Neil! There is no surprise that 66% of customers don't tolerate the bad and rude behavior of agents. This could be due to misunderstanding or poor selection of words by agents while communicating with the customer. Once a customer gets upset, there might be a chance that it will negatively affect your reputation. Here is a good resource that lists top words that can annoy a customer which should be avoided by the customer support agents.

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