Revealed: The 30 best ways to use contact centre analytics

11th Jun 2014

Analytics has become commonplace in the contact centre space, but it's not always effective - a combination of vast amounts of data collected, and little idea of how to manage it, can mean there is little reward for the time and money invested in it. 

But new research has identified the most popular uses of text and speech analytics, and shown how businesses can get the most value out of their data with the least amount of effort.

There were 50 organisations involved in the study, which was run by Professional Planning Forum and Nexidia. The participating delegates were required to rate a number of different uses of analytics, paying particular attention to the amount of effort required and level of value created. Participants were also asked to report on whether each application was used in their own organisation.

The applications in question were each relevant to one of three areas: performance and quality, continuous improvement and process change and VoC and marketing applications.

The participants saw the ability to analyse call drivers and trends, and reduce repeat calls as the most valuable practices that analytics allows. Meanwhile, they considered analysing call trends to require the lowest levels of effort. However, this was closely followed by reducing repeat calls and analysing call drivers, asserting these high-value applications as pleasingly low effort as well.

Surprisingly though, despite the delegates recognising the benefits of such practices, the findings show that less than one in five are working on using even the most popular strategies to their own business’ advantage.

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