RightNow bolts voice onto CX to improve call centre personalisation

17th Nov 2010

RightNow Technologies has rewritten its interactive voice response applications from the ground up in order to provide contact centre customers with a more personalised experience, with a tightening of integration with its CX Cloud platform.

While the software-as-a-service vendor has to date focused mainly on web-based channels such as chat, the move is a recognition of the continued importance of voice in customer interactions.

It originally purchased Convergent Voice’s IVR packages in June 2005, but has now revamped the Voice Experience Manager offerings to make them more modular and based on open standards, including stronger conformance with VoiceXML.

Ted Bray, RightNow’s vice president of contact centre solutions, said: "Bolting voice onto our CX platform means that we can identify who’s calling, look them up in the environment and segment calls. If we can do a better job of knowing who’s calling, an appropriate routing decision can be made on the best resource for dealing with that call. The best resource may be automated, but industry data tells us that it’s often a live agent."

A personalisation engine also means that different categories of customer can each be provided with a more tailored interactive voice response, while multichannel support means that customers can request information using key words such as account balance over the ‘phone but have the information delivered to them via a text or instant message.

The offering likewise includes more than 50 out-of-the-box reporting options covering everything from user acceptance to how well individual speech components are working and the tools can be integrated with third party business intelligence products such as IBM’s Cognos.

The upgrade also comes with a library of Eclipse-based objects, which means the customers can drag and drop new components into the offerings to add new functionality as required.

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