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16 complaints that reveal why energy companies are losing customers

10th Oct 2014
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The Big Six energy companies have had a tough time of late: Npower has lost 62,000 customers this year, EDF has been ordered to pay £3 million after mishandling complaints, and British Gas has been blamed for pretty much anything and everything. It’s frankly been a bit of a disaster this year for the UK’s most lucrative energy companies, and with 43% of us having lost trust in the Big Six* it doesn’t look as though it’s going to get better any time soon. We at 1Gas wanted to understand why a lot of the population aren’t happy with the Big Six, so that we can make sure we do the exact opposite!   Here’s what we managed to find out:

1. The Big Six energy companies have been putting an emphasis on prioritising customer service.

Scottishpower review Trustpilot, Customer Care? Customer Don't care, more like. Trustpilot

2. In fact, they’re good friends with many of their customers. reviewed Trustpilot, nauseatingTrustpilot

3. They’ve started to host in-house customer service awards...

Npower chief blames high prices on threatened energy price freeze

...because they’re just that good.

Npower chief energy price freeze - wins prick of the week awardThe Guardian

4. When you ring up they won’t leave you waiting for too long.

Scottishpower reviewed Trustpilot - don't phone them on a cordless phoneTrustpilot

5. If they do, you’ll listen to an eclectic mix of the best contemporary music.

Scottish Power call waiting - RedditReddit Richard Clayderman - The Love CollectionSimply Home Entertainment

6. Speaking of contemporary music… reviewed Trustpilot - awful, absolutely awful Trustpilot

7. They are organised and listen to your requests carefully.

Britishgas reviewed Trustpilot - could not organise a piss up in a brueary Trustpilot

8. Really carefully.

abandon the energy giants for minnows - comment This is Money

9. Maybe it’s because they’re as smart as their technology.

Npower given two months to fix billing errors - comment Telegraph

10. And aren’t the least bit persistent.

Npower given two months to fix widespread billing errors - comment Telegraph

11. They’re also, oh, what’s the word…

Eon Uk reviewed Trustpilot - terrible, terribleTrustpilot

12. I suppose it can be slightly exasperating at times.

Customers leave big six - comment The Guardian

13. But at least they’re truthful.

Npower chief blames high prices on Labour s threatened energy price freeze - commentThe Guardian

14. Wait, how does that happen?

Npower chief blames high prices on Labour s threatened energy price freeze - comment 2The Guardian

15. So, is there any way out?

Ofgem savings householders - comment Daily Express

16. Maybe not that drastic. But then, who can help us?

Richard Hearne is director of 1Gas


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