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Are customer satisfaction levels on the rise?

8th Aug 2013
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Are you witnessing the rise of a new, more serene kind of customer that is increasingly using self-service tools to resolve their complaints?

According to the latest figures from Zendesk’s quarterly benchmark study, global customer satisfaction has improved across the board with the average customer satisfaction rating now at 81% – a jump of three points from the previous quarter and the highest level since the first quarter of 2012.

New Zealand took the crown for the highest customer satisfaction rating with 92%, followed by Canada (91%) and Australia (89%); whereas the UAE was found to be the worst offender with 58%, the figures showed.

The UK was ranked sixth in the customer satisfaction rating with 87% and recorded a one percentage point increase from the previous quarter.

However, in contrast to these findings, the latest bi-annual Customer Satisfaction (UKCSI) report from the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) showed that customer service in the UK appears to be at a standstill.

According to the figures, customer service has now plateaued at 77.9 out of 100 dropping by only 0.3 points from 78.2 from the last index in January 2013.

Jo Causon, chief executive of the ICS, warned: “Despite some strong performances over the last six months, the fact that UK customer satisfaction has levelled off suggests that organisations could be doing more to improve their customer service."

Zendesk's quarterly report, based on the customer service and support interactions of 16,000 companies across 125 countries, also revealed that industries with historically poor ratings, such as financial and insurance services, saw significant gains alongside a trend of growing consumer confidence.

The study also examined trends in customer self-service and introduced a new metric, the Self Service Score, which represents the number of customers using self-service tools such as online forums and communities for every customer submitting a request for support – the higher the score, the more effectively self-service tools serve customers.

Globally, for every four people helping themselves in forums and communities, one is submitting a requests, said the report, representing a Self Service Score of 4.1.

Meanwhile, the research also highlighted a trend of mobile self-service, whereby customers are increasingly using their mobile devices to help themselves. Over the past year, the percentage of customers accessing self-service content from their mobile devices has grown 50% to reach 26% for the second quarter of 2013 – compared to 17% in the same period from the previous year.

The media industry experienced the most mobile self-service (84%), followed by social media (57%), whereas education (10%) and software (10%) received the lowest, the findings showed.

Sam Boonin, VP of products at Zendesk, said: “The mobile consumer expects to find information with just a few swipes of a touch screen. Companies are moving quickly to offer customer self-service that’s just as good on a four-inch screen as it is on a big screen.”

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