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Communication the key to customer satisfaction

20th Jun 2007
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A new research report into customer satisfaction has revealed that customer satisfaction is closely linked with customer communication.

The report, by analysts GI Insight, found that organisations deemed to provide good customer satisfaction are also those that implement relevant and targeted customer communications.

Whilst an anecdotal connection between relevant communications and satisfied customers has often been mooted, GI Insight claims this is the first piece of research to actually test the connection.

The survey investigated satisfaction levels across a variety of sectors and respondents were also asked how successful each of these suppliers was at using the personal information they held to deliver personalised, targeted and relevant marketing and communications to individual customers.

The findings revealed a very close correlation between marketing/communications relevancy and customer satisfaction across all 10 sectors studied: utilities, banks, credit card, ISPs, mortgage finance, mobile phone, travel agent, general insurance, supermarkets, and leisure & entertainment.

Leisure & entertainment came top for customer satisfaction, helped by the natural grouping of products into difference genres or areas of interest.

Supermarkets also scored highly and were ranked second, felt to be the result of rigorous data-driven marketing disciplines, investment in experienced people as much as systems, plus intelligent overall use of data collected through loyalty schemes to target appropriate offers at the individual customer.

Meanwhile, utilities were ranked the worst at keeping UK customers satisfied.

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