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Dealing with difficult customers: Miss Flash

30th Nov 2009
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In the final part of series of video guides exploring customer service best practice, we look at why it is important to be tactful when dealing with Miss Flash.

The customer may always be right - but that's not to say that he/she is easy to serve! Our series of videos looking at customer service best practice explores the different kinds of difficult customer your service teams can encounter - and how they can best be handled.

In the third video, we examine why it is important to be tactful when dealing with Miss Flash.

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By Tyler737
04th Dec 2009 14:23

Great video. I think its important to remember not to assume the customer knows as much as you do. As a matter of fact, most of the time you are there to educate them but like the video shows, it needs to be in a tactful way - not making them feel stupid. Likewise, its important to leave room for the educated customer - the one that may actually know more than you. So I guess open mindedness should be added to the list. All in all, thanks for a great video series!

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By Neil Davey
04th Dec 2009 15:23

I'm glad to hear you found this series useful!

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