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How is customer co-creation driving service improvement?

14th Apr 2014
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At the recent Institute of Customer Service Summit in London, CEO of the Sovereign Housing Association, Ann Santry, delivered a keynote to attendees outlining how her organisation was driving customer service improvements through a programme of co-creation with its residents. 

MyCustomer caught up with Ann backstage at the Summit to learn more about how Sovereign Housing Association is deploying co-creation, and how organisations from other sectors can implement a similar programme. 


00.10 - For those unfamiliar with co-creation, what does it mean in a customer service sense?

00.58 - Where has co-creation been of most value to the Sovereign Housing Association?

01.42 - How do you nominate the residents that will collaborate with you?

02.21 - Where has this co-creation most benefited the customer?

03.02 - How has it helped to shape your entire customer strategy?

03.46 - And is this model scalable and transferable across other industry sectors?

04.07 - So what should beleaguered sectors such as financial services and utilities know about this model?

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