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Infographic: Five stats that prove proactive customer service can make you a winner

1st Nov 2016

The majority of companies are organised to deliver customer service reactively. Yet reactive customer service is both expensive and un-engaging. Is it time to rethink the way that service is delivered?

Certainly there is evidence that some organisations are starting to explore how their service can be more proactive. 

Last year, Kate Leggett of Forrester identified where opportunities for proactive service could lie in a blog post on trends in customer service, noting that: “In 2015, we expect organizations to explore proactive engagement ……delivered at the right time in a customer’s pre-purchase journey to help answer customer questions.”

But a year later, there are still few businesses that have truly embraced proactive service. 

The following infographic by CloudCherry provides five reasons why proactive customer service is better than reactive service, sharing statistical evidence in support of them. 

Proactive service


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