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Infographic: Marketing in a smartphone-addicted world

12th Dec 2014
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With more mobile devices on the planet than people, it's no surprise that smartphones are having such a profound effect on our lives. The question is - just how much do we now value our phones, and how does this change the way brands should market to customers? 

This infographic from B2X explains all. 


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By David Beard
12th Dec 2014 17:27

But, you know what, vertical infographics are, for many typical screen readers, difficult to consume with tiny text & scrolling. Yes, yes, we could save them into something and look it there. But how about investigating horizontal -- or at least an option for "desk" and "mobile"

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Chris Ward
By Chris Ward
15th Dec 2014 09:18

Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback. Certainly agree that it can be a challenge reading the small text in some of the infographics. If you click on the image it should make it larger and scrollable, and hopefully a little more palpable as a result. Horizontal is an interesting suggestion though - will look into this.  

In any case, we are currently working on a new version of MyCustomer set to go live midway through next year, and that will optimise these infographics sufficiently for all devices.   

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