Infographic: Top 10 customer service skills

27th Oct 2015
There was a time when acquiring new customers wasn’t a big challenge for companies. Today, the situation is different. Markets are mature and competition is growing in almost every industry. Attracting new customers is much more expensive than maintaining regular customers. Moreover, loss of the regular customer is connected with loss of earnings not from one but from all future transactions. Even if you have a small business, improving customer service will bring you higher earnings and more customers.
Unfortunately, not every employee is suitable for building relationships with customers. The infographic made by shows the main customer service skills. 

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By PaulineAshenden
06th Nov 2015 13:30

This is a great checklist of the skills required in customer service Neil. However, not everyone is perfect at every one – technology can help to develop people to ensure they deliver a consistently good customer experience. 

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