Infographic: Why the customer isn't always right

21st Feb 2018

You've heard the old adage "the customer is always right". But is this actually true?

Not according to ROI Solutions, which has put together the following infographic outlining four reasons why the customer isn't always right - and when it's right to ditch bad customers. 

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Why the customer isn't always right

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By Sahib1989
21st Feb 2018 11:36

A unique perspective has been offered by this infographic with regards to customer service. There are definitely some toxic customers that every customer service rep comes across. I can speak from my own experience in this role. Siding with such customers only encourages them and others like them that just want to take advantage of your business.

Sahib Ahluwalia

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By michaelmaloney
03rd Dec 2018 09:54

As both a business owner and a consumer, I feel that this statement is entirely incorrect. The 'always' angle of the expression should be changed to 'sometimes' and then would it only feel a little more acceptable. Businesses provide all sorts of services to customers from various demographics so it is just expected for a certain percentage of them to have varying views on certain products being offered. However, their different opinions do not mean that they should be forced onto business owners but instead they should be considered.

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