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Lithium partners with Genesys to beef up community customer support

14th May 2010
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After building out its community insight capability with the acquisition of Scout Labs last week, social CRM firm Lithium Technologies has moved to beef up the customer support side of its offering.

Partnering with Alcatel-Lucent’s Genesys, a supplier of enterprise software, Lithium will integrate its community platform and Genesys’ Customer Service Software.
The combination will enable agents to monitor and address customer issues outside of the traditional contact centre, gaining a better understanding of the conversations that are taking place across the customer community and engaging with them.
One of the most attractive propositions of Lithium’s communities is the opportunity to reduce customer support costs, with the social CRM firm suggesting recently that Linksys from Cisco has been able to deflect 1.4m call on their support community, saving around $10m a year on support costs.
This latest announcement will build on this, with the Genesys software responding to activities in the community that have been flagged up by Lithium as requiring a response, with the software determining business value and priority and assigning a resource, whether that be contact centre or other.
The partners suggest that the joint solution will reduce support costs by over 40% by allocating the most valuable resources to higher value business tasks while the community itself handling the lower value customer support.
"Social media and communities has become a critical channel for customer service," said Nicolas De Kouchkovsky, chief marketing officer for Alcatel-Lucent’s enterprise business. "By working together, we enable enterprises to improve social experiences and maximise efficiencies by optimising the combination of forum and agent resources. Furthermore, Enterprises can harness their resources in the contact centre and beyond to avoid leaving the ‘socialsphere’ unattended."
Lyle Fong, CEO and Co-Founder of Lithium, added: "Today more than ever, companies must better understand their clients and manage the quality of their customers' experiences. By integrating our expertise in social customer relationship management with Genesys’ leadership in contact centres, we are giving our clients an opportunity to provide seamless and exceptional customer experiences and deliver an unparalleled level of integration. Furthermore, our clients will better be able to develop exceptional products, promote their company by incentivising the most valued community users, and drive higher conversion rates and brand awareness."

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