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Heart empathy gap

New MyCustomer consumer survey reveals customer service's empathy gap - and how to resolve it


Our survey of 500 consumers reveals how well organisations are responding to the consumer need for empathy in their customer service interactions - and the implications for those that do/don’t deliver empathy well.

2nd Oct 2020
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When the Customer Contact Association (CCA) conducted a survey of call centre managers several year ago exploring the most important traits required of modern-day contact centre agents, empathy emerged as one of the leaders.

But with the pandemic ramping up anxiety and stress in society, empathy in customer service has arguably never been more important. So how well are today’s organisations responding to the consumer need for empathy in their customer service interactions? And what are the implications for those organisations that do/don’t deliver empathy well?

To shed some light on this, MyCustomer and Genesys commissioned a consumer study examining how successfully today’s organisations are catering to their customers’ emotional requirements, and how it impacts business reputation and customer relationships.

Download this report to learn the findings of the research, understand the implications, and obtain advice about how to respond and improve empathy in your own service experience. 





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By HRhelpBoard
15th Oct 2020 09:53

Well written article.

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