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On-demand webinar: How to guide your customers through the next phase of uncertainty


Stream our latest webinar to learn how behavioural science and technology can help you better engage with your customers over the coming months.

29th Sep 2020
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There have been countless articles, virtual conferences and webinars promising to guide you and your business through the ‘new normals’ created by coronavirus. But what’s your role in guiding your customers through the coming months?

We recently hosted a webinar featuring behavioural scientist and choice architect for Cowry Consulting, Ziba Goddard and Siobhan Lettice, RVP Solutions Engineering EMEA at Vonage to learn about the practical steps you and your employees can take in order to allay your customers’ fears and meet their ever-evolving expectations.

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We discuss:

  • Why every communication you have with your customers matters
  • The practical behavioural science tips you can adopt within the contact centre to ensure you are meeting your customers’ needs
  • How to ensure your customer-facing employees are armed with the right communication techniques to keep customers reassured and satisfied during the ongoing uncertainty around coronavirus.

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