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Oracle buys FatWire to support marketing, CRM and ecommerce vision

23rd Jun 2011
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Oracle has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire web experience management firm FatWire.

FatWire provides organisations with the ability to deliver relevant customer content, build community engagement and drive site stickiness and loyalty.
The acquisition is designed to extend Oracle's technology and applications product offerings for customers seeking to build a unified customer experience across channels.
"Together, Oracle and FatWire plan to deliver the most complete web experience management solution that will enable companies to fully optimise the customer experience with innovative social tools that enable user generated content in a managed environment," said Hasan Rizvi, SVP at Oracle. "The addition of FatWire products will give Oracle the ability to provide a complete suite of software that empowers web marketers to engage visitors, converting more prospects to customers, and enhancing customer loyalty."
The acquisition is the latest demonstration that the IT giant is keen to capitalise on emerging trends in customer-facing apps, and in particulr the growing demand for the integration of ecommerce technologies and traditional order management or CRM transactional systems.
Oracle recently purchased ecommerce software player ATG, a move that Forrester's William Band has suggested points to the shift towards 'agile commerce'. Speaking to recently, Band said: "Ecommerce technologies are having to be hooked up with the traditional order management or CRM transactional systems more often than not, and so these worlds are coming together. If you think about it from a traditional CRM applications point of view, Oracle just acquired ATG, which is a major ecommerce platform, and that was in recognition of the need to weave these two worlds together from their customers’ point of view."
The addition of FatWire to the portfolio will provide additional tools to complement Oracle’s customer relationship management software.
FatWire, founded in 1996, has about 500 enterprise customers including organisations such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Ford and Pfizer. Oracle said the FatWire deal is expected to close in the next few weeks.

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