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Sword Ciboodle and Capgemini collaborate for "next generation" of agent desktops

21st Jun 2010
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Sword Ciboodle and Capgemini have collaborated to deliver a groundbreaking range of user interfaces that cater to different agent learning styles and preferences, thereby improving customer interactions, retention and the ability to cross sell. 

Based on academic research into learning, Love Your Agents gives users the ability to choose a version of the interface that best suits their individual cognitive style.
In the 70s, the ‘Rayner and Riding Cognitive Learning Styles’ research revealed that two groups exist – those who see things pictorially and those who see things as textual information.
As such, Love Your Agents, which is built upon the Ciboodle One intelligent desktop solution, enables agents to either opt for a pictorial interface or written stimuli.
"In these times of economic uncertainty, employee morale and customer satisfaction is of critical importance," said Kenny Bain, CEO of Sword Ciboodle EMEA. "When agents use contact centre software they are uncomfortable with, customer interactions are significantly less effective and duly more frustrating for contact centre staff. Through the new Love Your Agent offering, we not only create a contact centre with improved customer relations, but an environment with happier employees."
Paul McGlynn, head of alliance EMEA, at Sword Ciboodle, added: "The business rationale behind it is that there is a very strong correlation between agent satisfaction and customer satisfaction. By empowering them to use systems that are better tuned to their learning style we believe we are giving them a better tool to deliver better customer service on behalf of their organisations."
Esteban Kolsky, president of customer strategies advisory firm ThinkJar believes that the new interface could herald a new wave of more flexible UIs.
"Agents who have to endure poorly built interfaces burn out quicker and their performance suffers when compared to peers with better built application interfaces. This new model of dynamic, flexible, and adaptable interfaces that take account of each user’s learning styles heralds the next generation of user interfaces for agents. It will surely make the job of retaining employees far easier, and the issues that come with training, effectiveness, and efficiency virtually disappear."
Having given delegates of this year’s Gartner CRM Summit in London a testdrive of the new system, McGlynn is confident that industry reaction will be positive. "It was very well received at the Gartner CRM Summit. The prospect organisations that we showed it to received it very well and endorsed the fact that nobody else in the marketplace is doing this. In an age where people are using different approaches to vendor information in different spheres, why not bring it into customer sales and service?"

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