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The 12 fundamental qualities needed to drive up CSAT scores

19th Jan 2015
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Over recent months we have seen a wave of change when it comes to customer behaviour. This is typically driven by new market entrants exploiting technological advances more than established companies driving innovation. In an ever changing world there is a need to be much more transformational and more flexible than ever to meet the challenges put down by tech savvy customers who are becoming more demanding.

In mid-2014, an IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking Report pointed to the fact that mobile devices then accounted for 52% of website visits. The research also indicated that the tablet was fast becoming the ‘weapon’ of choice for shoppers. Of a total of £24.2 billion spent online over the months of May, June and July, £8.7 billion was purchased via mobile devices and more than 80% of those sales originated from tablets!

The rising popularity of using tablets and smartphones continues, a statement backed by IBM’s latest Digital Analytics Benchmark figures concerning Black Friday (Nov. 28, 2014), which indicate nearly 60% of all web traffic was from mobile devices.

The sales for Black Friday were unprecedented, as the figures show how the sales mania took hold and not least the shocking videos of fighting in store! IBM’s figures show that the UK experienced another record year for the two 'promotional' days, with online sales increasing by over 90% on Black Friday and over 20% on Cyber Monday (compared with the same days last year).

So will your customer service and sales team be able to keep pace and make sure your customer satisfaction (CSAT) score is not taking a hit? Even though we are seeing this customer movement to chat services, your customer services will still be “picking up the phone” and they will be comparing your service with the market leaders in customer service – not just those in your sector.

Your teams help drive sales and provide service to customers, so with 2015 here and much more change to come, we give you our top tips for maximising CSAT for now and the future:

  1. Be smart: Know what your customers want. Use the data you have on customers and their history to give intelligent service.
  2. Be respectful: Customers are busy people. Be respectful of their time and make it fast and easy to get things done.
  3. Be digital: Customers are interacting in digital channels.  Make sure that your channels of interaction are digital and integrated.
  4. Be flexible: Customers want to communicate in starts and stops, using the channels and devices of convenience. Make sure you can interact in different channels and know the context of the customer’s situation from previous interactions.
  5. Be mobile: Customers are mobile and you should be too. Does your web chat work on a smartphone?
  6. Be intuitive: Make it easy to figure out how to ask questions on your website, get assistance when needed, and give options on how to get answers.
  7. Be effective: If you are offering many ways to communicate with you, make sure those channels are integrated, make use of data to understand context, and work smoothly.
  8. Be intelligent: Know when a customer is ready for help and what method they prefer to get help. If they are on a website, determine when to offer help through chat or other channel.
  9. Be contextual: Today context is king. If you know your customers situation you can quickly and intelligently resolve their issue or perform their transaction.
  10. Be consistent: Your brand should be evident at every 'touchpoint'. Make customer experience core to your brand.
  11. Be fast: Give customers the service they need quickly and effortlessly.
  12. Be human: While customers accept that they are interacting with technology, don’t make them feel like they are just a number in a machine. Find a way to give a human touch.

Nick Mitchell is the managing director, EMEA, at intuitive customer experience company [24]7.

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